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“Most frequent queries about Bir Billing and Paragliding”

Question – Best Route to reach Bir Billing.

Answer – Drive route – Delhi to Chandigarh to Kiratpur to Bilaspur to Mandi to Jogindernagar to Bir.
Distance by road drive.
Delhi to Bir Billing is 460 km and takes 9 hrs 45 mins.
Chandigarh to Bir Billing is 230 km and takes 5 hrs 45 min.

Manali to Bir Billing is 160 km and takes 5 hrs.
Shimla to Bir Billing is 196 km and takes 6 hrs and 30 mins.
Dalhousie to Bir Billing is 175 km and takes 5 hrs 30 mins.
Dharamshala to Bir Billing is 70 km and takes 2-3 hrs.



Question – Best Time to visit Bir Billing.

Answer – Best Time to visit Bir Billing is October to 5 Jan for good weather for Paragliding and camping and trekking.

January to Mid March its snow fall in Bir Billing valley, weather is bit cold as snow in region. Paragliding is open during this period and you can paragliding over snow covered mountain range of Himalayas. Roads are also open as no snow till Bir, snowfall happen beyond Billing only.

Snow trek can be done to Hanuman garh, but Raj gundha is not suggested as heavy snowfall.


Question – Best Things to do in Bir Billing.

Answer – Waterfall Trek – 7 km dribe and 45 min trek.
Mukut Nath Temple, Sansal (Hump at Kedarnath and Mukut at Mukutnath) – 8 km drive.
9th Century old Shiva Temple at Baijnath – 12 km drive.
Botanical Garden, Jogindernagar – 12 km drive.
Mahakaal Temple – 20 km drive.
Tasi Jong Monastery – 15 km drive.
Andreta potery workshops – 18 km drive.
Tea Tours of Tea Garden at Wah – 28 km drive.
Palampur – 30 km drive.
Barot Valley – 50 km drive.

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