Snowfall In Bir Billing – Jan to Mid March

Snowfall in Bir Billing Valley

Bir Billing is located at the altitude of 5000 feets (Bir) and 8000 feets (Billing) from sea level. Bir experience very low snowfall and Billing experience heavy snow fall sometime 3-4 feet snow fall happens. And trek beyond Billing can also experience very heavy snowfall.

Snow available form the month of Mid December to Mid March in Snow trek in Bir Billing valley.

Paragliding is open during this time. Paragliding is only closed while rainfall and snow fall happens and resume just after that as per weather conditions.
You can visit Bir Billing throughout the year till Bir and where all stay options available and trek beyond during snow. Paragliding is open, sometimes need to trek for 2-3 km to take off point for Paragliding.

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