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Bir Billing and around – Adventure and more Packages in Paragliding destination.

“Paragliding in Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh”

Bir Billing is a Paragliding destination in the heart of Himalaya’s near famous tourist destination Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. Bir Billing Hosted Paragliding World cup in 2015. This was “First Paragliding World Cup of India.”This event happened in the month of October from 24th to 31st, 2015.”
During world cup 150 top ranked paragliding pilots of all over the world participating along with 500 free flying pilots. This is a great opportunity for many local paragliding pilots to show their skills to world.
Bir Billing provides the option of Paragliding, Trekking to Himachali tribal villages, Mountain Biking, Angling and Camping.
Bir Billing is located 70 km. from Dharamshala. Billing is situated north of Bir at the distance of 14 km. on the way to the Thamsar Pass trek, which is leading to Bada Bhangal, tribal region of Himachal Pradesh. Bir is mainly a Buddhist town and houses a monastery and a Tibetan handicraft center.

”It was fantastic flying in a Paraglider to see the views of the Dhauladhar mountains and Kangra valley! And the action of it – I love paragliding, love to fly again and again !
Camp Oak view is one of the best place to stay in Bir Billing.”

Camp Oak view, Bir Billing is best camp to experience camping and hospitality in wilderness of Bir Billing valley.
Season for Paragliding at Bir Billing is October to Mid July. !! Enjoy it !!

Guide to Bir-Billing and Explore more with us

  • Safety while Paragliding.

    It’s no secret that we humans aren’t meant to fly. But with the help of some science and courage, we have audaciously taken to the skies, and even space, in the last hundred years or so. Paragliding is a fun and adventurous, yet an inherently dangerous activity, involving flying low over mountainous terrains, something that even airplanes don’t do, hence it is extremely important to not take ones’ safety for granted. Many times, people can fall into the trap of being ‘penny wise but pound foolish’ which poses a grave danger to their lives. We list some important safety considerations that go into the sport of paragliding.You can go through paragliding Tour.  

    Why Travel Bir Billing.

    At Travel Bir Billing, our first and foremost responsibility is ensuring the safety of out guests. This means partnering with some of the best pilots in the region and providing well-maintained, top-of-the-line equipment to guarantee a safe and unforgettable flying experience. Our team of pilots is led by the experienced Arvind Paul, one of the best paragliding pilots in India, and both our instructors and equipment are strictly maintained as per global guidelines as well as the rules set down by the Tourism Department of Himachal Pradesh.

    This means that our paragliding experiences come at a relatively nominal price than some other packages offered in the region, but our topmost priority remains ensuring the safety of our guests and offering an unforgettable experience with the best paragliding teams in the region, for which we believe the price premium is worth its weight in gold. All adventure sports carry some element of risk to life, and we urge you to choose your next flying experience wisely.
    Mr. Arvind Paul handle and manage all the paragliding flights of Travel Bir Billing. Arvind is Chief flying Instructor and best instructor to learn paragliding at Bir.   Arvind was 1st among Indians Pilots in paragliding world cup which was held in Oct 2015. He is the best pilot of India. He make sure all the safety measures during tandem paragliding flights like proper paragliding gears, flying pilots briefing, training time to time, wind examination, weather examination, thermals examination during periods of time. Presence of Mr. Arvind in handling our paragliding make us best and safest team to do paragliding in Bir Billing Valley.
    Best Paragliding In Bir Billing
    Paragliding Team
  • How to reach Bir Billing and various option to reach Bir Billing!

    By Road to Bir:-


    How to Reach Bir Billing from Delhi?

    Bir is 550 Km- 12 hrs drive from Delhi. Delhi - Chandigarh – Una – Kangra – Palampur – Baijnath – Bir Billing. There are direct Volvo buses to Bir from Delhi (Northern Travels, Luxmi holidays, Ram Dalal and 2 govt. Volvo buses). One Can book from the red bus website or visit our blog on the same for bus details and others.

    How to Reach Bir Billing from Dharamshala / Macleodganj?

    Bir is 70 km/ 2-3 hrs drive away from Dharamshala. There are regular buses from Dharamshala to bir or follow as below route Macleodganj – Dharamshala – Palampur – Baijnath – Bir Billing.

    How to Reach Bir Billing from Manali?

    Bir is 170 km/ 5-6 hrs drive away from Manali. There are regular buses from Dharamshala to Bir or follow as below route. Macleodganj – Dharamshala – Palampur – Baijnath – Bir.

    How to Reach Bir Billing from Dharamshala airport?

    There are direct regular flights from Delhi to Dharamshala and Airport is 70 km from Bir Billing. Airport – Palampur – Baijnath - Bir.

    How to Reach Bir Billing from Pathankot railway station?

    The Nearest railway station is Pathankot which is 140 km away from Bir Billing Pathankot to Nurpur to Palampur – Baijnath - Bir
    Bir Billing transport
    volvo bus, flight
  • "Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh”

    Bir is a village located 30 km of famous hill town Palampur in Himachal Pradesh in northern part of India. Bir is a home for Tibetan refugee having many monasteries in Bir and around villages - Chountra, Bhattu, Tashi Jong. Town of Bir now considered as center of Eco tourism, spiritual studies, meditation and adventure Tourism (Paragliding, Camping, trekkingmand mountain Biking).   Bir is located in Kangra District of Tehsil (administrative subdivision) of Baijnath in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Village Bir located 70 km south - east from Macleodganj (Capital of Tibet in exile and home of Dalai Lama), journey takes two to three hours to reach Bir.


    Elevation of Bir (paragliding landing area) :- 5000 ft from sea level.

    Elevation of Billing (paragliding take off point) :- 8000 ft from sea level.

    ☔ ☀Weather :- 10-30 ℃, Wind West and East favorable for flying having different points for both wind flow.

    🎵 Languages : – Kangri (Pahari), Hindi, English, Mandiayli (shares border with Mandi).

    ☏ Telephone number : +91 98822 97222.

    ⛳ District :- Kangra.

    ⛳ District headquarter : - Dharamshala (70 km from Bir.)

    ✉ Postal PIN code :- 176077.

    ⏰ Local time : +0530 GMT.

    ☏ Tourism Information for Packages : - +91 83510 12018

    Season for Paragliding at Bir Billing is October to June. !! Enjoy it !!
    Guide to Bir
    local places
  • Paragliding in Valley of Human birds in Bir Billing in Himachal Pradesh.

    Travelling to paragliding capital of India is always best decision of you to experience adventure. Paragliding is always amazing experience. Choose experience Team with best of the pilots for flying like a bird in sky and get areal view of whole Kangra valley from Bir Billing Sky.
    Best Team at Bir Billing is Mr. Arvind Paul’s Team. Arvind is among the top Pilots of India and have international Ranking in Paragliding. Experienced pilots, registered and licensed with Himachal Tourism, well trained and training time to time, best and maintained equipment (following 300 hrs flying hrs limit for gliders for safe flying).

    Choose team for safe flying and safe adventure in Bir.

    One can choose different flying session in Bir Billing Valley as Below.
    1. Short Paragliding session ---- 10-15 min paragliding session
    2. Normal Paragliding session- 15-30 min paragliding session
    3. Medium Paragliding session - 30-45 min paragliding session
    4. Long Paragliding session ----- 45-60 min paragliding session
    5. Cross country Paragliding session - 1-2 hrs paragliding flying in Bir Billing (cross country).
    Paragliding capital of India
    Experience Bird eye view
  • Trekking in Bir Billing valley.


    Best way to explore destination is by trekking. Trekking provide you various information about the destination in Bir Billing.    

    Bir Billing have Trekking options as below:--
    Snow Trekking,
    Tribal village treks,
    Semi – nomadic people and villages,
    Bir to Billing Trek,
    Hanumna Garh Trek,
    Small Wather-fall Trek and Gunnaid waterfall Trek.
    Choose Trek at Bir Billing on your capacity to trek and as per fitness level. Few treks are easy to moderate and Few are moderate to Tough. Few treks for full day and few are 2 days in Billing and Bir valley.

    Important thing is to choose trek as per weather condition in particular season. Few treks open in particular season and unsafe for rest of the time. Please consult with Travel experts and always do it with guides as mountain trails leads to other places too and which is unsafe in Himalayan region.
    Trekking options in Bir Valley
    Our Guided trips
  • Camping in Bir and Billing area.


    Choose camping for experience not just for stay at Bir Billing Valley.


    Camp Oak View, Bir is for real camping experience of wilderness with all amenities in Campsite. Camp Oak View serves delicious food and calmness in wilderness. Camp Oak View is located in very beautiful location 4 km from Bir in wilderness. Teams at Camp Oak View is always welcoming with hospitality and always ready for make your experience memorable.


    For Guests looking for total Luxury and want to stay near Bir town,we have Stream Camp at Bir for them. One can stay with all facilities like hotel and Market nearby. Stream Camp is equipped with all amenities.


    Guests just want to stay in Camping and worrying for cost factor, choose dome tents with limit comfort and more experience.


    Sightseeing in Bir Billing Valley.

    Various options in Bir to visit including series of Café’s in Tibetan colony area, Deer Park, tea garden and factory, Tsering Jong monastery, Palpung Sherabling Monastery- Bhattu, 9th Century old shiva temple.

    Camping and Experience
    Explorer at Bir Billing

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